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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

recent hostage taking

It was with great sadness, but not surprise, that I heard that Jim Loney was among the captives taken hostage in Iraq earlier this week.

Jim is a committed pacifist who has chosen to put himself in the path of conflict in order to help those most affected by the aftermath of war, specifically the displaced and the grieving. The group he represents, Christian Peacemaker Teams, is founded on the principles of the Mennonites and the Quakers and finds kinship in the liberation theoligists of the Catholic Church.

I met Jim about 10 years ago when the group home for refugees and the homeless he was co-managing in Toronto became involved in a community farm project around the corner from my home. I can say without hesitation that he is hard-working, good-humoured, and that he has a greater capacity for compassion than almost anyone I have had the pleasure of knowing.

He is not a spy. He is not a fundamentalist, nor is he militant or ill-intentioned in any way. He is also not naive. This is Jim's third trip to Iraq with the CPT. On a previous trip, he witnessed his colleague, George Weber of Chesley ON, die as one of the trucks their convoy was travelling in had a tire blow out and rolled.

Please join me in holding all the hostages in your hearts and minds through this hostage taking and in wishing them a safe and speedy resolution.


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