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Monday, October 03, 2005

from the latest CMG news

Fssssssssst. There goes one party balloon.

I think this quote from the latest CMG note answers my question about retroactivity regarding staff conversion for fixed-term freelancers:

"People who have been on contract for four years can convert to permanent status, including employees working in Arts & Entertainment who have been denied that right since 1996. That provision is ongoing, so that anyone on contract who completes 4 years of service during the life of the agreement will be able to convert to permanent status."

Unless I've mis-read, it looks like my 12+ plus years as a fixed-term freelancer will NOT count towards staff conversion. I've got to put in 4 more years under this new, better, agreement. I await the full text, in case provisions for retroactivity are in there somewhere.

But even if they aren't, we fight this fight not for ourselves but those coming up behind us, right? And for them, this is a brilliant and long-overdue deal.


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