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When you're a rural telecommuter, being locked out is a lonely business.

Monday, September 26, 2005

home and away

Today I gear up again for another 3 days away from my home and family in order to walk the picket line in Toronto.

Herein lies the irony: my actual work for CBC requires about 2.5 days per week and one trip to studio every second week. The lock-out requires 3 days (and 2 nights) per week in Toronto - and that I spend money to be there, of course.

Last week, I calculated that it cost me roughly $85 to stay in the city for 3 days of lock-out duty: this over and above the uncounted generosity offered by friends who've invited me to sleep in their homes and share their meals and company while we're out on the pavement.

The $85 accounts for gas money (I car-pooled, thankfully), 5 TTC tokens, a couple cups of coffee, 4 meals at an average price of $8.50 each, 2 beers after the Massey Hall event and one drink bought for a colleague when I discovered it was his birthday on Thursday.

Sure, I know the old entrepreneurial adage "you've got to spend money to earn money", but surely this isn't what they had in mind. As much as I am enjoying the unbridled social time in the city, the money's barely worth the time away from my kids. If this goes on much longer I'll take a waitressing job closer to home.

Let's hope Bobby's getting his ass kicked around the Hill this morning and this will all be over soon.


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