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Monday, September 19, 2005

hey, is this thing on?

Yes, I've been quiet. Both a head cold and a gastro-intestinal thing swept through the house over the past 4 days. I'm happy to report we're all better now.

I'll be on the line in T.O. Tuesday aft, late Wednesday aft and a good chunk of Thursday. FYI - I'm bringing colourful basketsful of cherry tomatoes from our laden vines - watch for them near the CMG trailers. (Please eat them. Please. I'm beginning to have tomato nightmares.)

If you need to reach me, use the gmail address - I'll try to check in regularly. I'll be at the Massey Hall event on Wednesday evening.

Toronto people, if you're not going to Massey Hall, remember that T.O.F.U. featuring Shayne Koyczan are at the Rivoli on Wednesday night. Thursday it's Seu Jorge (known for his "Knockout Ned" from City of God and the bossa-nova Bowie covers from Life Aquatic) at the Lula... act fast, tickets are going quickly.


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