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When you're a rural telecommuter, being locked out is a lonely business.

Monday, August 29, 2005

to heck with anonimity

I won't bother to use a psuedonym. if you recognize my name, great. and if you don't, that's no problem... someday when the CBC website is back online you can google me and find out for yourself. FYI - I'm a host on a weekly specialty music show.

In June and July, I worked extra hours to get a much anticipated vacation in August. But instead of enjoying myself soaking up the sun on the beach, I've been worrying about this damned lockout for the last 2 weeks. maybe this blog will help exorcise some demons.

I work from home, which is about 200kms from the broadcast centre in Toronto. since this lockout has started, I've been a one-woman picket in my small town of 2,500 souls. its a lonely business, explaining the issues as best I understand them to everyone I meet, day after day. at first there was a palpable excitement around the whole situation, a kind of buzz. I'd hand out my CMG postcards and encourage people to write the PM and the Heritage Minister, and they'd gladly comply.

now it's 2 weeks in and I'm no longer excited. Formerly loyal CBC radio listeners tell me they can't stand the re-runs and the truncated and canned news. they're tuning out. furthermore, in Ottawa, Paul and Liza say they won't intervene to get the CBC and CMG back to the table.

I'm anxious and I'm discouraged. Can we afford to heat the house this winter if this goes on for months? And all the couples I know who both work at CBC and have mortgages to pay. How will they fare?

I'm also pissed off that the CBC cut our websites and email addresses. I know this is standard practice in labour conflict, but as a telecommuter, email is my lifeline (of course I have a couple of addresses, but not everyone does). I live too far away from the city to do picket duty, so I really feel out of the loop. at least on the picket line you have other people to share your frustration with. I miss my collegues.

I also miss good news coverage. and it's only entertaining to hear the weather for St. John's, Regina, and Iqaluit for the 1st three times, if that.

Some workers have reverse-locked-out the CBC...they are refusing to listen to the "labour disruption" broadcasts. I'll admit I've been tuning in to find out what management has cobbled together without us there - I've been an audio-voyeur, trying to peer into the wreckage. I feel for you, folks, I know how much time, effort and skill the work requires.

but as a life-long listener, I don't know how much more evergreen programming and rip-n-read news I can take before I start tuning out, too.

yup, as the tee-shirts say, THIS SUCKS.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Cheza said...

Keep up your spirits Philly, many of us are with you guys 100%.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Laurence said...

And keep checking the blogs.
Tuning in to Tod's
will keep you in touch with the rest of us. It's QUITE a conversation.
And maybe you could do your own podcast? Or tell us what you're listening to right now. Keep the momentum going.
You STILL have an audience. The medium just changed a bit.

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Philly;

Your blog is the first that comes close to my sentiments. It may surprise you to learn, however, that some households only have one income. Such is ours. We have three young children and one income derived from the CBC. That's a family of 5 living on $240/week. As the spouse of a locked out employee, I am severely affected but have no colleagues with whom to commiserate. I do not walk a picket line and, here's a surprise, other moms don't want to hear about it. It does leave me wondering if I did the right thing in leaving the work force 11 years ago to concentrate all my efforts on my three wonderful boys. But then I look at them. I beam when others marvel at their intelligence, their vocabulary, their knowlege of the world around them, and I know I did the right thing. I just can't help thinking, as I get ready to shop for school supplies, that I wish we had some money!

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Philly M said...

to the "anonymous" mom -

it is NEVER the wrong decision to concentrate your efforts and attention on your kids when they are small. In my household, it just happened that my career took precedence - in fact, my husband sacrificed his chosen career to support me to have mine. He's a dad who saw the value in being home for his children.

Since we live too far from the city for me to do 20 hours of picket duty per week, I'll be earning very little strike pay. I empathise completely with your situation.

As a stay-at-home mother of 3 boys, I'm sure you're resourceful beyond even your own imaginings... that goes a long way right now.

Be sure to put your name in for anything that may be offered by the CMG's hardship fund. Don't be proud - say "yes" to any acts of generosity that come your way - it sounds like it's your time to TAKE for a change!


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