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When you're a rural telecommuter, being locked out is a lonely business.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

a ray of hope?

let's all pray that cooler heads prevail and the hyperbole is kept down to a dull roar when everyone returns to the table tomorrow.

My fantasy world includes a scenario in which I don't have to spend $40 on gas to drive to the city and sleep on a sofa so I can do picket duty next week. actually, that's not entirely true - I want to get down there and see it for myself once the kids are back in school. I'm tired of simply tracking the action in the blogs.

In any event, later this week I plan to start adding music- and event-related info to this site. September is high season for record releases and for post-festival-season concert tours. Normally I'd be able to tell you all about it on air... but this will have to do!

To everyone who's taken the time to write - thanks for the encouraging words. they help a lot.

and to everyone going back to the table - do the right thing. please.

Now I know how this lockout makes me feel.
EARNEST. sheesh.


At 6:04 AM, Anonymous ralph said...

Hi, Philly, I'm a fan of Roots and Wings from the U.S. I've heard the program for years on Radio Canada International. I'm also someone who has spent more than half of my career as a perma-temp, so I can sympathize with the issues at stake here (although where I work it's not as precarious as what I read about CBC workers' situations). Hang in there! And I hope you'll stay in the blogging world once life returns to normal.


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